16 Web Essential Web Pages

16 Web Essential Web Pages


In this article, you’ll learn about the 16 Web Essential Web Pages that most websites have. Packed with web design examples and tips.

Most of the world’s people in today’s modern life browse the Web, so it’s already hard to imagine life without being online. A lot of websites help us with everyday operations like law services, medical advice, or shopping, community support, and our education with tons of information, websites also keep us quickly informed with important news, help us manage everyday tasks, calculate formulas, work remotely, and communicate.

Some extra information can be found on Internet Live Stats, about the number of websites online currently today. It’s almost 1.7 billion websites in the year 2018. So, most websites need more and more modern design approaches and solutions to keep up with the growing trends. Yet, whatever diverse designs there are for websites these days, there are some essential pages typical for most website structures. In this article, you’ll learn about 16 essential types of web pages you will find most important for a website.

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These 16 Web Essential Web Pages are designed in a way that your business will generate a ton of leads and convert them into customers. By executing these pages on your website your website becomes wider and gain more content for Google to rank with the help of SEO.

Home Page

🔥 16 Web Essential Web Pages | 💥 Growth Net - 2024 Best Article

Home pages are one of the most important and strategic pages of any website. It is typically called “home” as it’s the starting point of a website where the user gets a core introduction to the website or business and thereby chooses the direction of the journey from thereon. Home pages almost always contain the most important links to products and services the user finds interesting and wish to read more about.  The home page is the start of any user’s journey if they are redirected from any search engine such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, or Bing so in most cases, it is the page visited by the biggest number of website users. You can find the top 10 search engines today here.

Home pages more than often contain a search field, basic onboarding steps for personalized sites, and different sections for navigation to move throughout the website. It can also contain engaging welcome messages featuring slogans and explaining the benefits of the business or brand. In other words, the home page contains all the essential vital parts to capture clients as fast as possible.


The look, feel, and structure of any home page may also differ from the websites where users sign up and create accounts to where users just visit the website without being logged in. In this case, it also often occurs where the home page looks different for users that are logged in in comparison to the ones that aren’t. For example, for logged-in users on social networking websites such as Facebook or Instagram, the home page might have the user’s feed of all the updates while the logged-out users will perhaps see the presentation of the benefits of the website and the registration form. On ecommerce websites, the home page often shows hot deals and provides quick access to different categories of goods.

Depending on the business goals and target audience, design solutions for home pages may be very different: some of them are based around informativeness while others aim to “shock and awe” a visitor with the wow-effect of media content or animation, might find these designs more appealing thus catching their attention faster, creating the necessary mood and engaging to read more or send inquiries.

Feed Page

🔥 16 Web Essential Web Pages | 💥 Growth Net - 2024 Best Article

A feed (or news feed) page is found on websites that often update content. In other words, it might be a content streaming site where users can scroll through and check what’s been updated on the website. On the feed page, the content is presented in blocks or elements that are similar and repetitive. For instance, an editorial feed will be presented with a list of news or articles whereas on the social networking site the feed will often show updates from the users or pages that are followed. Also, the presentation of both can varies from text-only and super minimalist to ones using big complex blocks of content including both text and media like photos, illustrations, or even video previews.

Menu Page

🔥 16 Web Essential Web Pages | 💥 Growth Net - 2024 Best Article

This page is usually about navigation goals that the business has in mind. As well as typical menu controls, the menu page presents a sorted list giving access to different categories with content and interaction sections. It is not always needed: With websites that have simple structures often just use the menu controls integrated into the header on the top of the website that doesn’t require transitions to a separate page. However, the separate menu page allows designers to focus the user’s attention on the options without distractions. 

Search Page

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This page presents a feed of internal search results when a user enters a search term into the search field. The looks of the pages may differ depending on the goals and objectives of each business, from a simple text list to big blocks with images; the decision of a particular solution for the content presented on this page depends on what is most important for the target audience of that specific business. The core requirement for the search page – except the well-adjusted results, of course – is high scannability of the layout and instant readable headings or titles, as that is the page where users usually read quickly to determine the importance compared to their needs. 

About Page

🔥 16 Web Essential Web Pages | 💥 Growth Net - 2024 Best Article

This page allows visitors to get quick information about the company, product, or person behind the website. It is an important part of strong branding and the shortcut to telling the audience about the benefits of what they can find on this website or do with its help, so when visitors want a concise introduction of the brand they are looking for. The link to the About page can almost always be found in the website header and footer.

Registration Page

🔥 16 Web Essential Web Pages | 💥 Growth Net - 2024 Best Article

The registration page can be found on websites where users sign up and create personalized accounts. On this page, it is significant to focus on the simple and functional way to sign up without too many steps and fields to fill in. In most cases, the so-called lazy registration via social networks is the fastest and more convenient way to register. A good general practice is also to start the onboarding process right in the begging to ease through the whole daunting process that registration entails.

404 Page

🔥 16 Web Essential Web Pages | 💥 Growth Net - 2024 Best Article

The 404 pages can be found on any website. Technically, 404 or Not Found error messages in HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) response code is sent in case a user got successfully connected with the server, but for some reason couldn’t get the content that was requested. It can happen, for example, when users tap the link to the page which has been deleted, or dead, or if the link itself is broken; in this situation, the website server forms and sends the 404 website pages to inform the user that the content cannot be found.

The most basic solution for a page of this kind is a simple layout with just a few lines saying something like “Oops, this searched page can’t be found”. Nevertheless, these days the vast majority of websites apply customized 404 webpages that can serve much more strategic goals or at least add some fun to that annoying case. What’s more, a creative approach to this error page can also effectively support website or brand promotion. A well-crafted and stylish 404 webpage not only informs visitors but also navigates them to other pages, entertains, or just gives a moment of aesthetic pleasure.

Blog Page

🔥 16 Web Essential Web Pages | 💥 Growth Net - 2024 Best Article

Is a blog page a website on its own or a webpage? Well, Put shortly, it can be both. The term “blog” is used in two different meanings today. Basically, a blog is a type of website devoted to providing information or discussion on a particular set of topics. It is a kind of journal or diary people keep online, sometimes just sharing their thoughts or expertise and also inviting readers to discuss the problem in the comments. With a variety of blogs today, you may find personal and professional ones, some of them will be devoted to daily life while others will cover narrow themes or areas.

Bloggers share posts that become the basic content around which the website performs. In this case, a blog is a type of website. Nevertheless, in the last decade or two, the situation has evolved. In most spheres, the competition is incredibly high on the Web to keep up with the trends, and technological changes and to get high ranks in search engines.

The websites need not only to correspond to the technical and design requirements but also regularly update their content. This is when blogs come into play. Now, you can find blogs incorporated into e-commerce and corporate websites, educational platforms, and portfolios. This is the case when a blog is not a type of website, rather it’s part of the website presenting interesting news and articles around the website. In the latter case, most websites need a blog page that shows the feed of articles or news within a company or e-commerce store. 

Portfolio Page

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This page is pretty self-explanatory, it’s typical for websites whose goal is professional presentation, most often for people or teams that create visual content such as photography, designs, art, videos, or physical goods, for example, hand-made stuff, clothing, exclusive decor, etc. You can find such pages on professional platforms where visitors can view their proof of work done. The goal of this page is to show the projects to customers at their best, so it’s recommended to work well on high-quality images of the goods or designs and the original way to perform them with a pinch of wow-effect to the website visitors.

Services Page

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This page has quite a similar goal to the previous one. It showcases professionals’ work to their potential clients. However, instead of showing the projects and goods on the portfolio page, this page gives an introduction or in most cases shows the cost of the services the company or individual offers. Again, this is not the page where visitors are going to spend much time reading huge bulky text, the presentation’s readability and ease of scanning content for important information are high due to the bullet lists and clear concise descriptions without much jargon. Images are also really helpful here as they are perceived faster than text and have great power of setting the needed mood and emotionally interpreting the brand message. As not all the services can be shown with quality photos, custom illustrations and icons can also be used instead. Here is an example of a service page.

Product Page

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The product page is one of the most vital pages on all kinds of e-commerce websites and corporate websites. This page gives all the needed information about the product’s prices and benefits while explaining the products in depth. This allows users to view photos and different colors or model options available. They can also see the reviews and ratings from already buyers, and add products to the cart, although only a few e-commerce websites today allow products to be put on a wish list for later purchases. 

Cart Page

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Obviously, this page is also another part of an e-commerce platform. This helps give the illusion of real shopping, buying products online users can save the items in the cart. On this page, they should easily find it easy to complete the purchase. The cart page shows the list of items, with pictures and basic information about the products of interest to view and confirm the order and the total cost of the cart all on one page.

Statistics Page

🔥 16 Web Essential Web Pages | 💥 Growth Net - 2024 Best Article

Many websites with personalized user accounts or dashboards offer different stats to keep users informed and engaged. The statistics page visualizes various data in quickly digestible information for decision-makers, usually in charts, numbers, and tables to make it easier to scan and analyze. This page can also be used for visitors to view important company sales and trends. 

Contact Page

🔥 16 Web Essential Web Pages | 💥 Growth Net - 2024 Best Article

A Contact page is usually quite simple but holds the most important of any website. It is used for quick contact with the support team, people responsible for different issues, a person behind the personal website, or even the most important decision-makers of a company. Normally this page is super fast to load, and informative, with a contact form and key contact information such as email addresses, the business physical address, contact numbers, etc. 

Landing Page

🔥 16 Web Essential Web Pages | 💥 Growth Net - 2024 Best Article

Landing pages are a special kind of web page that can be used both as a part of a website or individually. The main goal of the landing page is to present clear and focused content on a particular goal for the company or query and this way allows the company to do direct digital marketing to a specific audience.

In technical terms, the name “landing page” was created by analogy with landing points in the physical world. On the other hand on the internet, it initially marks any page on which the user “landed” while surfing the Web and started their journey around the website. The name “Landing Page” is still used in that exact function in terms of web analytics. However, its popularity has increased and is widely known and used by not only designers but also marketing specialists. Today the term is used by website designers such as Us with a focus on specific relatively narrow goals and a quick way of reaching a specific audience fast and effectively.




You have now learned about the 16 most essential website pages that any website should have. The conclusion to this is that you know what is needed within the web industry, and what pages a company or individual website should have in order to make more sales and or reach a specific targeted audience and rank against the world’s highest-ranked websites that consist of about 1.7 billion websites.


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